Tom Sainsbury’s Tom Foolery reveals a glimpse of the man behind the filter

Tom Sainsbury is probably best known as ‘Comedian and Snapchat Dude’  for his Snapchat impersonations of our most love-to-hate-‘em MP’s – namely Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges. But who’s the man behind the filter? Is he a scientist? An intellectual? A political satirist?

In his Billy T Award nominated show Tom Foolery, he teased us that he might unveil his true self. What we got was but a glimpse of the real Tom plus some brilliant comical characters.

During the hour show, he told anecdotes about navigating everyday life while dealing with fame, moaning flatmates and filling awkward gaps in conversation. His playing out of the dramatics available to smokers especially tickled me along with the ease by which he can instantly embody exaggerated personalities that we all recognise. He slips in and out of various characters, sometimes with wig, sometimes without, but always with perfect comedy timing.

Tom Sainsbury
Tom Sainsbury

The highlights of his show definitely sit in the first half, including a simply delightful and hilarious ‘scientific’ narration of the dramatic Planet Earth II’s scrambling iguana vs snakes clip. It warmed up the audience and united us in the Tom Foolery we were now all part of.

We also learn of how his dream to be a scientist was pursued as a child, giving us further insight into his innate impishness and self-proclaimed laziness. Despite his scientific desires being used to try and bring the show altogether, the hour show does still feel like a series of ‘bits’ rather than a well-oiled machine that follows a clear theme throughout. But, does that matter?

Sainsbury has a friendly and welcoming manner but can so quickly throw in a one-liner or cheeky quip. And, that’s why I really loved his show. Not only does he come at you at various comedy angles he also delivers himself in a very authentic and approachable way. He’s laughing with us and getting us onboard and he’s a ‘take me as I am’ kind of performer. He said at the start of the show that he wanted us to feel like this was a good old gossip or chinwag with gal pals or mates and he succeeds in producing that atmosphere amongst his audience.

Tom Sainsbury is surely one of the most delightful Kiwi comics  – always cheeky, a little naughty but totally at home making others chuckle.

Tom Foolery is totally sold out for both Auckland and Wellington, so those with tickets you’re in for a treat.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar

4 stars