James Nokise is eloquent and hilarious in ‘God Damn Fancy Man’

God Damn Fancy Man is the brand new show from the critically acclaimed, internationally award-winning comedian James Nokise.

Nokise skillfully navigates his way through a spectrum of subjects in a succinct and eloquent way. We giggled at the time he inadvertently protested Trump at his golf course in Scotland and loved getting an insight into his childhood through his stories of growing up with his Samoan minister dad.

While he puts a whimsical spin on general everyday life events, he’s also fearless when it comes to touching on much more serious topics. Ones that many comics would find too heavy to turn into laughs.

Inbetween material about performing in Edinburgh and what the Haka would be like in English, he frankly addresses his personal struggles with mental health. He believes that honest discussion is the best method of coping and manages to get the audience laughing every step of the way around a very sensitive and emotive topic. He’s always respectful and ensures safety through the bond we’ve built throughout the show.

God Damn Fancy Man is full of on-trend topics, relatable life events and cheeky family anecdotes. Nokise’s comedy is authentically brought to life through his high energy stage presence and uncanny ability to effectively paint a story. Alongside his expert comedic delivery is his agility at conjuring up the key characters from his tales and bringing them to life for the audience to enjoy.

The show ended with the perfect ‘Fancy Man’ bow and we went away with smiles and admiration for a homegrown talent with an international flavour. A real crowd pleaser for all.

Reviewed by Lindsey Catherine.

James Nokise – God Damn Fancy Man is on at the Basement Theatre until 25 May.