The Secret Life of Pets 2 brings family fun to the flicks

The Secret Life of Pets 2 returns some of our favourite furry friends to the big screen after their box office smash in 2016. This time we follow our favourite group of fluffy adventurers on three different escapades.

Max and Duke’s owner Katie is now married with a small child. Max, now voiced by Patton Oswalt, loves his new sibling but finds being a big bro stressful ‘was the world always this dangerous?’ he asks. This results in a nervous itch so when Katie et al go on holiday to the country it turns out to be exactly what Max needs. Here he meets the older, wiser, cooler father figure type in Rooster the farm dog played by the equally cool Harrison ford.

Meanwhile, Gidget – Jenny Slate – a white Pomeranian, is on a mission to save Max’s favourite toy ‘Busy Bee’ from a cat lady’s moggy-infested apartment. And Snowball, energetically and hilariously voiced by Kevin Hart, now thinks he’s a superhero and gets himself mixed up with helping help Daisy the Shih Tzu – Tiffany Haddish –  to rescue a tiger from an evil looking circus owner.

The voice change of Max from Louis CK to Oswalt is seamless and Max and Duke are an adorable unlikely duo. The dynamic between Max and Rooster was a lovely watch and Fords recognisable voice plays to the secure and authoritative vibe of his character. Hart’s Snowball provides for plenty of entertainment throughout and his full-throttle delivery never falters.

As expected there’s plenty of laughs but there’s also a decent amount of sentimental stuff that might even bring a tear to eye at the end. There’s a lot going on with plenty of action so no chance to get bored – this is proved by the fact that our two-year-old sitting through the entire film in the cinema. That’s quite the compliment.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 doesn’t break any major new ground but all the characters are loveable, funny and provide the perfect dose of family fun at the flicks.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar.