Show Me Shorts 2019 preview

Show Me Shorts is Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading international short film festival and a competitive Academy Awards-accredited festival. The 2019 programme has been chosen from a record 2,040 entries and it all kicks off from the 5th of October.

A selection of 63 of the best and most vibrant short films from New Zealand and around the world will screen in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, while a smaller touring programme makes its way across the regions of Aotearoa. A full list of venues, locations and booking information is available at showmeshorts.co.nz.

The films are split into eight categories – FREAKY FUTURES, DOC STATION, MY GENERATION, THE SAMPLER, UNCONVENTIONAL FAMILIES, BETTER WORK STORIES, JAPANESE FOCUS and LOVE & OTHER CATASTOPHRIES. We’ve selected a few films to review to give you a preview of what to expect and help you select which sessions are for you. Check out our Show Me Shorts reviews below.


La Couleur de Tes Lèvres (The Colour of Your Lips)

Who knew Canadians had such dark side? The world has suddenly lost its atmosphere and the only survivors are equipped with tanked oxygen. The slate blue and grey opening of this film set the tone and a breathless claustrophobia is hard to avoid. Where companionship and hope start to form, death awaits around the corner. Tightly shot and well-acted, this tale leaves you suddenly aware of every breath you take.

4 small stars


Tony The Tony Pony

Charming and setting its target in pinging your heartstrings, this animated short has good intentions but the artwork and animation are too simplistic to bring the tale of the tiny pony who could to life. Fun with good music but this doesn’t linger long in the memory.

2 stars


To Plant a Flag

NASA can overcome some of the biggest of scientific challenges but Iceland’s farmers are very successful in thwarting their training in this giggle of a film. Sheep, farmers and how to negotiate some tricky culinary offerings are some of the hurdles facing a couple of US astronauts training in the amazing surroundings of Iceland. Sheldon’s Fun with Flags has nothing on this science comedy.

3 stars


Elder Birdsong

This is a very clever and moving tale of growing old in New Zealand. Animated birds make some painful truths more palatable, not just on the issue of age but also of race and how Faunau should function. Lovely and considered, this film will stick with you long after its 5-minute span.


マイリトルゴート (My Little Goat)

Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, this animated tale of a mother goat and her kids is shocking as cute goats reveal a tale as truth outs around abuse and self-image. Clever and twisted, this 11-minute film stops you in your tracks and disturbs.


Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain

This is a true antidote to the picture perfect world Instagram. Atop a mountain, amid the snow, an original date location turns out to be the place where love doesn’t run true. Equal parts American Pie and Just Friends. Cleverly shot on a mobile, there’s plenty of oohs and aahs in this fun tale.

Guy Proposed to his Girlfriend on a Mountain
4 small stars