Rhys Darby’s cryptid search in Desert Sparrow music video

Continuing his quest for all things cryptid, comedian and actor Rhys Darby searches for a sasquatch in LA-based band Desert Sparrow‘s new music video.

Karma is an instantly likeable, toe-tapping, jaunty and catchy pop-rock song performed by the Aussie/US duo Kylie Adams and Dave Correno. Their quirky video shows the Flight of the Conchords star fall out with his girlfriend and go on a quest to find bigfoot – with the tongue in cheek story coming to a somewhat unexpected but hilarious cuddly climax.

Those in the know will get the wink here, as Rhys is one of the hosts of The Cryptid Factor, alongside Dan Schreiber (QI) and David Farrier (Tickled). The podcast is dedicated to all things weird and wonderful especially in the world of Cryptozoology.

Listen to Desert Sparrow’s Karma (both the single and the album of the same name) available on Spotify now.

Words by Ingrid Grenar.