A colourful, fun-filled OurGala kicks off Auckland Pride Festival 2020

What do you get when you mix poetry, drag, musical numbers, circus acts, and voguing? OurGala of course! A hilarious, bold and colourful, fun-filled night that celebrated everything that Pride is all about!

OurGala, the one-night only queer extravaganza, was presented by Auckland Pride and kicked off the 2020 Auckland Pride Festival. This 120-minute showcase at Q Theatre was a celebration of the queer arts, giving us a taste the entertainment available during OurPride – which is running until the 16th February.

The gala was wonderfully hosted by the hilarious HugoGrrrl (winner, TVNZ’s House of Drag) with the headline act COVEN bookending the show with some truly awesome jaw-dropping performances.

We were mesmerized by an aerial hoop performance from Ellie May Marshall and Christa Ting from Carnies & Queers which was followed by an equally nail-biting act from Nicole Douglas.

OurGala was hosted by the inimitable HugoGrrrl 

The night brought us lots of variety. Nathan Joe treated us to some poetry about the time he found another gay who was sadly already taken. Samuel Te Kani read an excerpt from a personal essay about how his family tried to convince him homosexuality was unnatural by making him prey to a ripped hunky bound Jesus! Bryony Skillington performed a naughty and funny reimagining of the Chicago classic When You’re Good To Mama. And, the clowns in between acts really kept the crowd going too!

We were also treated to some fabulous drag performances from Medulla Oblongata, Vanessa La Roux, and Night of the Queer. While Ms. Wednesday Blaiselle got the crowd singing along to Everybody Interesting is Gay.

OurGala presented an impressive range of talent during its celebration of the queer excellence of Tāmaki Makaurau. The evening felt inclusive and intimate and Freya Finch’s direction meant there was never a dull moment; whether the performers were in front, above or behind us, we always found ourselves smiling, laughing, clapping and cheering. It was a wonderful night and filled us both with immense pride “like the puffed up chest of the kererū

We encourage everyone to visit an event at OurPride – Auckland’s Pride Festival this month and celebrate the glorious diversity and uniqueness on offer.

Reviewed by Jeff Lloyd and Isaiah Tour.