• Personal Shopper NZIFF Review

    Director Olivier Assayas returns with Kirsten Stewart in tow after last years’ elegantly wafting take on waning fame and power.  2015 NZIFF entry The Clouds of Sils Maria chronicled how some people will do anything to claw

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  • The Rehearsal NZIFF review        

    As the centerpiece film of the 2016 New Zealand International Film Festival, The Rehearsal has a lot to prove. Based on the first book by Eleanor Catton – albeit with many changes – the film tells the story of Stanley, a

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  • Weiner NZIFF review

    Tell many bare faced lies, don’t make good on campaign promises, go to war against the wishes of the people, but for gods sake don’t get horny! It seems in the Politics of America, the moral compass is all skew-whiff.

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  • Our picks for NZIFF 2016

    The New Zealand International Film festival , NZIFF, is in its 48th year, and has over 150 feature films and documentaries chosen from premier festivals in North America, Australia and Europe. To make choosing your schedule a

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