new zealand film review

  • Does A Star Is Born sing loud enough for The Academy to hear?

    Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, in which he stars with real-life pop queen Lady Gaga, is pure Hollywood magic. A Star Is Born allows you can sink into brilliant musical performances, romance and sizzling chemistry between

    October 24, 2018 • Film, Video, What's On • Views: 478

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom picks up three years after the theme park disaster on Isla Nublar. Now the remaining dinos are facing extinction once again as the island’s volcano erupts and is about to take the whole place

    June 17, 2018 • Film, Video, What's On • Views: 680

  • Love, Simon a refreshing rom-com

    It’s long overdue but finally, we’ve got there – a mainstream Hollywood rom-com with an LGBT character in the title role. While films like Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name might draw huge attention come awards season,

    March 21, 2018 • Film, Video, What's On • Views: 780

  • Film Stars Don’t Die in Hollywood is a warm but uneven biopic

    The first thought I had while watching Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool is “Why haven’t I seen more movies with Annette Bening?” I love it when movies get the casting spot on, and she is perfect as a former film star,

    February 27, 2018 • Film, What's On • Views: 1069

  • Phantom Thread is a frayed end to Daniel Day Lewis’ movie career

    I’ve found it hard to sit down and write about Phantom Thread, and I’m not altogether sure why. I think it’s because I don’t know what to make of it – it is one of the most peculiar movies I’ve ever watched. For a

    February 3, 2018 • What's On • Views: 1131

  • Get Out review

    Get Out is the latest horror and much-acclaimed film from Blumhouse Productions and the directorial debut of Jordan Peele (one-half of the comedy duo Key & Peele). Far from an all-out comedy, Peele has created a

    May 4, 2017 • Film, Video, What's On • Views: 2631

  • Ghost In The Shell review

    Ghost in the Shell is a live-action film adaptation based on the Japanese Manga comic of the same name. The film is set in the near future, the line between human and robots is blurred with the majority of humans having

    March 30, 2017 • Film, Video, What's On • Views: 810

  • Jackie review

    Jackie is a hauntingly hypnotic and harrowingly intimate look at a very private grief of a women who was so publically admired. No one could imagine what it was like for Jackie Kennedy as she sat holding her husbands bloodied

    January 10, 2017 • Film, Video, What's On • Views: 900

  • La La Land review

    From the director of the Oscar-winning Whiplash, Damien Chazelle brings another masterpiece in the form of the beautifully executed La La Land. It’s a typical boy meets girl story about Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia

    December 24, 2016 • Film, Video, What's On • Views: 1062