Keeping Up With NZ ‘The Griddy’s’ Comedy Awards 2012! Winners Announced

The ticker tape has settled on the stages of this years New Zealand International Comedy Festival with the climax of

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Last Laughs ! New Zealand Comedy Festival 2012

What a great show to finish on! Last Laughs did not disappoint with both the Billy T and Fred Award

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The Boy With Tape On His Face – More Tape – Review

I had seen ‘The Boy’ on TV but following last night’s opening night of ‘More Tape’ at Q Theatre, I realised you

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NZ International Comedy Festival – my picks for week three

I can’t believe how quickly the last two weeks have gone by and I have laughed, giggled, tittered and chuckled

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The Griddy’s Comedy Award 2012!

During the last few weeks I have been searching for my inaugural ‘The Grid’ Comedy Award winner. I have seen as

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