Rhys Darby

  • Rhys Darby’s Mystic Time Bird soars into Aotearoa

    Rhys Darby’s Mystic Time Bird landed in Auckland this weekend as part of an extensive 22-gig comedy tour around Aotearoa. First up was Bill Napier, Head Ranger of Pohutukawa Park, who was moonlighting as security in order to

    July 16, 2017 • Comedy, Video, What's On • Views: 2430

  • Rhys Darby announces New Zealand tour 2017

    From Whangarei to Invercargill and 14 other towns and cities between, Rhys Darby will bring home a brand new show in 2017, on sale December 8 nationwide. Darby’s shows are always a mix of astute observations and stand-up

    December 1, 2016 • Comedy, News, What's On • Views: 756

  • Trolls review

    The brightly coloured and perfectly soundtracked Trolls is Dreamworks’ animated offering this festive season. Big name stars voice this explosion of positivity  - Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake are the core characters

    November 29, 2016 • Film, Video, What's On • Views: 373

  • Rhysently Granted review

    Remember the 90′s? The decade that brought you Nintendo 64, Grunge and The Lion King. It was truly a golden age and New Zealand was not gonna miss out.  So, it should come as no surprise that in 1996 Rhys Darby and Grant

    April 26, 2016 • Comedy, Festival, What's On • Views: 4955